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Leasing Photocopiers in Uganda is one of the services that MS City Side Investments Ltd provides to their clients. 80% of our clients prefer to lease their copier/printing equipment vs. buying it outright (cash transaction). Here are the most popular reasons why:

  • Cash flow: Instead of purchasing the equipment, cash is invested in other productive areas.
  • The lease payment is deductible as an operating expense 100%.
  • Since Technology in the Office Equipment industry changes every 3-5 years, clients would prefer to have the option that can easily allow them to upgrade the equipment during the lease term to suit the current technology
  • No down payment is required.
  • MS City Side Investments Ltd takes over the responsibility of repairing, servicing and replacement of all consumables so that the client only pays for the number of printouts made on either a monthly or quarterly basis whichever is appropriate.
  • For organizations with their own copiers already we are able to take over maintenance, consumables and repair costs leaving the client with no burden.

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