Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 1st January 2021

Shopping Information

How do I shop from this Website?

On any of the products you like, select the quantity required in the quantity field, then add the same to shopping cart. A message will appear on the screen informing you the product has been added to your shopping cart. You may ignore if you want to add more products to the same shopping cart. On the top right hand corner of the screen is your shopping cart, once you decide to check out, click on the shopping cart icon, and select check out. Fill up the details, choose a payment option and wait.The product is then transferred from your computer/mobile screen into your hands in just a while.

Can I see all Items listed on your store physically?

Yes, kindly give us a call to confirm if the item is in our inventory at  City Side  in Mukono, Uganda. Where possible we ship the products straight from our distributors to your door step.

I want to purchase multiple quantities of a product but your store does not show how many units you have in stock.

We have the quantities set up in the back end, you can add as many quantities as you want, at the time of check out, you will be notified the available quantity you are allowed to purchase for each product.

The website does not display properly on my mobile device, what do I have to do?

Please report this to us on our email indicating the device you are using to surf our website.

FAQ - General Information

Where can I report in case I encounter issues on your website?

Send us an email on

Do I need an account to place an order?

Not necessarily, the advantage of signing up for an account with us is that you will not need to enter your delivery address details the next time you shop with us.

How can I request for a Proforma Invoice?

Send us the product links on our email and we will send you a proforma.

Are your products original?

Yes, all our products are original, hence we have warranty on all of them, they are made in different countries but for the East African Region and as per East African Specifications, meaning you should receive warranty support in Tanzania and Kenya as well at the respective service centers.

How do I access a product I wanted on the website sometime back but can’t seem to locate it now?

Try the search bar on the top of the home page, if you still can’t find it then most probably we have run out of stock for the same.

I got a Printer on your website. What cartridge does it use?

You should find the ink in related products at the bottom of the product listing, if not, send us an email on and we will help you out.

Am I going to receive the same product color I see on your website?

Color integration is work in progress, at the moment we will get in touch with you only for color of the phones we are dispatching.Most of the other products, like printers and routers, the color you see in the image is the color you will get.

Will I receive the same product I saw in the Image?

Yes, however do not ignore the specifications tab, read through the specifications we are offering in detail for each product.

What are your payment Charges?

All charges are inclusive in our prices weather paying International/ Local Debit/Credit cards or Mobile money.

What are your delivery Charges?

Delivery around Kampala and Mukono is free for products above UGX 200,000. For lower values and up country deliveries the rates are on checkout link / cart.

What about Taxes?

All taxes are inclusive on the price indicated on the website.

Our Organization pays only by Bank Transfer. Can we do business?

Yes, get in touch with us on our email at and we shall send you the details