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MS City Side Investments Ltd knows how important it is to take care of the world we live in; implementing green computing has many advantages for the IT industry.

From recyclable plates to organic detergents, we have come to realize the hard way how important it is to take care for the world we live in. Our careless actions have started to show in the meltdown of the poles, climate change to mention but a few and if we don´t start creating awareness of this issue soon we won´t have a planet to call home. By definition green computing is the eco-friendly use of computers and their resources which also includes designing, engineering, manufacturing and even disposing computing devices in a way to reduce environmental impact.

Today it is easier to find eco-friendly solutions than it was before, more and more manufacturers are investing in producing energy-efficient computing products, using less and less hazardous material in their production plants and of course implementing recycling techniques as part of their everyday operations. But going green doesn´t limit itself to the computing of manufacturers but it also extends to the users; this environmentally responsible technology has result in major benefits to the IT industry.

Green technology reduces energy usage which lowers carbon dioxide emissions; less energy usage also translates into less use of fossil fuels. Many IT providers are also building infrastructures designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

MS City Side Investments Ltd sales Computers and servers that use less power than older versions, which in addition reduces cooling loads. We are also doing our part to save the planet by implementing as many environmental friendly solutions through green computing.

Particularly we emphasis on waste management where we collect used printer cartridges, refill them and resell them at relatively friendly prices.

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