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Offset Printing

Also known as offset lithography, this is a process where an inked image on a printing plate is printed on a rubber cylinder and then transferred (offset) to paper or any other printing material. It gives great flexibility permitting printing on various materials and paper type.

The process is widely known for its low cost yet emphasizing quality in its output. It is a cheaper method of printing; it is quick and produces high quality prints. The more you need to be printed during each cycle, the less it costs to produce each piece.

Using this technology, one is able to output 15,000 print impressions in an hour. The process handles large volumes of work which would otherwise be uneasy with the digital printing process.

MS City Side Investments Ltd is a leading industrial and commercial printing company in Uganda, we are known for our superior quality outputs and reliability, achieved through our commitment to a professional approach towards delivering a satisfying service to our ever-growing clientele

Digital Printing

This involves printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media.

In a digital printing process, small-run jobs from a desktop publishing or other sources are printed using a large format printer or high-volume laser/inkjet printer. Compared to offset printing, the cost of outputting a page using a digital printing process is slightly higher. However, this cost increment is offset by avoiding the cost in all the technical steps required in making plates used in offset processes. It gives room for short-notice / on-demand printing and modification of the printable image.


  1. I appreciate the quality of your printing services.

    I promise to come again

    1. Thank you Polly for the compliment.
      We look forward to serving you better next time

      John Sendagire

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